• Garden salad
    Garden salad $4.50

    Spring mix salad with house-made dressing

  • Edamame
    Edamame $7

    Lightly salted soybeans.

  • Stamina hotate(Scallop Skirt)
    Stamina hotate(Scallop Skirt) $5.99

    Marinated scallop skirt muscles with garlic shoot and sesame seed.

  • Takowasabi
    Takowasabi $9.50

    Diced octopus salad marinated in Japanese horseradish. Served with dried seaweed.

  • Assorted seafood plate
    Assorted seafood plate $10.99

    Seaweed salad, chopped crawfish salad, and marinated squid salad on a plate.

  • Takoyaki
    Takoyaki $11.99

    Octopus Ball with mayo and special sauce.

deep fry
  • Ebi mayo
    Ebi mayo $15.99

    Deep fried shrimp with our signature sauces.

  • Assorted fried cheese
    Assorted fried cheese $16.99

    Deep fried camembert, gouda, and brie cheese with
special mixed berry sauce and house-made salad on the side.

  • Tonkatsu
    Tonkatsu $16.99

    Deep fried pork cutlet w/ special sauce on the top House-made spring mix salad on the side.

  • Deep fried chicken (Karaage)
    Deep fried chicken (Karaage) $13.99

    Crispy boneless chicken w/our signature sauce(classic style)

  • Yuzu deep fried chicken
    Yuzu deep fried chicken $14.99

    Crispy boneless chicken w/ citrus(yuzu) sauce on the side.

  • Deep Fried chicken cartilage Karaage
    Deep Fried chicken cartilage Karaage $12.99
  • Geso Karaage
    Geso Karaage $13.99

    Deep fried squid tentacles with housemade sweet soy sauce

  • Cheese
    Cheese $2.00
  • Rice
    Rice $2.50
  • Bread (4pcs)
    Bread (4pcs) $1.50
  • Mochi ice cream (3pcs)
    Mochi ice cream (3pcs) $5.50
  • Mikaku Beef Tartare
    Mikaku Beef Tartare $21.99

    Julienned beef sashimi with Mikaku’s signature sauce and quail egg yolk on top

  • Salmon tataki
    Salmon tataki $17.99

    Flame seared salmon sashimi Mikaku’s special sauce

  • Beef tataki
    Beef tataki $19.99

    Flame seared beef sashimi with Mikaku’s special sauce

  • Shimesaba
    Shimesaba $18.99

    Marinated mackerel sashimi topped with chopped ginger and wasabi.

  • Buta
    Buta $17.99

    Grilled pork belly with signature Mikaku’s sauce

  • Beef brisket with bean sprout
    Beef brisket with bean sprout $18.99

    Dancing dried bonito on beef brisket stir-fried with Mikaku’s special sauce

  • Beef Tartare rice bowl
    Beef Tartare rice bowl $16.99

    Julienned beef sashimi & mixed vegetables on rice (Mikaku’s signature sauce and egg yolk on top)

  • Maze udon
    Maze udon $16.99

    Japanese style of udon without soup. Special sauce. Garnished w/ dried bonito, pork, green onion, chives, dried seaweed, garlic, yolk, sesame, kelp vinegar. Served w/ rice (small portion).

  • Cream cheese rice cake
    Cream cheese rice cake $20.99

    Rice-cake with seafood in rich cream cheese sauce Served in a crispy bread –bowl.

  • Spicy cream udon
    Spicy cream udon $21.99

    Fusion spicy seafood cream udon. Mussels, shrimps, bacon, and vegetables in rich creamy spicy sauce

  • Spicy chicken
    Spicy chicken $19.99

    Blazing fire stir-fried boneless chicken.

  • Grilled butter squid
    Grilled butter squid Seasonal Price

    Grilled squid with caramelized butter sauce. Mayo sauce on the side.

  • Unagi
    Unagi $19.99

    Marinated Eel grilled w/ special sauce. Served w/ stir-fry cabbage

  • Rosé Tteokbokki
    Rosé Tteokbokki $20.99

    Korean style wheat-cake and potato noodles in rich spicy rose’ creamy sauce.

nabe (hot soup)
  • Mini buta udon
    Mini buta udon $10.99
  • Spicy seafood udon
    Spicy seafood udon $21.99

    Korean style of spicy seafood udon.

  • Japanese fish cake soup
    Japanese fish cake soup $18.99
  • Japanese mussel soup
    Japanese mussel soup $16.99
  • Cheese
    Cheese $2.00
  • Rice
    Rice $2.50
  • Bread (4pcs)
    Bread (4pcs) $1.50
  • Mochi ice cream (3pcs)
    Mochi ice cream (3pcs) $5.50