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Adam Chan
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Fantastic place. The waitress/bartender was one of the highlights. She was very accommodating and would tell us the best ways to enjoy some of the dishes. Definitely outstanding service. The food is also great. All the dishes the server recommended were our favourites. The cheese rice cake and buka (pork belly) were probably the biggest highlights. Definitely a different taste and take on familiar dishes, definitely worth a try and the prices aren't too costly for what you get.

Great selection of drinks-their drinks menu is like 7 pages of sake. Definitely worth a look, or grab a giant can of Asahi. Cozy and comfortable as well, the place was packed on a weekday night. There's also one heated tatami (?) Where you take off your shoes and sit, which is pretty cool as an option. Parking in the area isn't the best - easy to drive past the tiny lot, but I feel like there are more options to park than further down Yonge which is nice. Would give this place 10/5 if I could!
Ben Chang
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Wow what a pleasant surprise! Known for its Sake selection, which is top notch, it was the food that stole the show. Such unique flavours and execution in a Izakaya is simply not the norm. Small menu but every dish was a surprise in flavour. From a beef tataki (think tartar) to butter squid? C'mon which bar will serve that up? Staff was nice enough to give us a pork belly dish on the house. My new favourite place if a few friends want to go for a drink + GOOD food. Makes beer and wings feel like a waste of time! Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.
Weinan ke
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Been here twice and I love every dishes so far😍 one of the best Korean beef tartare (without pear) in Toronto, definitely must try! All creamy udon on the menu are delectable πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
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Food here is absolutely delicious, and the service is amazing as well. Highly recommend their beef tartar, a must-eat every time. Their grilled butter squid is one of the best I've ever had! Their sake selection is decent too. Even though it's an Izakaya, the quality of the food is extremely high and definitely worth the trip!
Lucy C
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An excellent izakaya deserving of it's high reviews here. The service is very nice and thoughtful, giving us extra details like where the washroom is and that the bar has no seating limit unlike the tables without prompting, and were consistent in checking in with us throughout our stay there. The food too is SO good, I really would want to come back to try some other dishes. The tartar was very flavorful and the fried cheese delicious as well. The creamy rice cakes in the bread bowl was really unique and filling with seafood and vegetables, and the crispy outside bread with the soft cream soaked inside bottom paired really well together. They also don't skimp out on the portions. We also got one of the yuzu sake bottle to share which was refreshing - unfortunately the peach and pear ones were sold out. Overall, definitely worth coming for a good time and good food!
Charis W
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Be prepared to wait.. but MAN is it worth the wait!!! SO FRICKEN GOOD. I'm so glad I came here. Great variety of sake and every single food item was perfect πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ I can't wait to go back and try more of their menu items!
Christina O
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Food is great at mikaku! We ordered the pork belly and the spicy cream udon which are both a must get. The pork belly is salty and smokey and the udon is creamy and slightly sweet. Staff are super sweet and accommodating. The restaurant space is small so you might have to wait during peak times for a table.